Our vision

Make each property a housing service platform.

You visit your home and you can directly have access to a bank for a loan, change your deco, buy products and services... all by one clic !

Each property becomes a marketplace targeted to promote products and services for professionals and individuals

An instant access to products and services

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"At Gizmo's we sell experience, but we offer emotions, because a home is more than walls, it is your life !"

SAIDANI Stéphane, Président

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Market Transformation: From Real Estate to Housing

Thanks to the visit of all the accommodations, it is now possible to propose a hyper-personalized customer journey from the signature of the contract of sale to the delivery of the accommodation. Projection of new or existing property, promotion of products / services, customization of the apartment meeting the requirements of the purchaser ... as many services that facilitate the sale and support the projects. It is the entire value chain that is impacted and positively transformed. A profitable revolution for all stakeholders. To not miss the train, it is today that we must anticipate the real estate of the future !

We commit ourselves

To build and make live our vision, we need relay with the actors of the housing sector. That's why we support and get involved with clusters or groups in the sector.

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  • Cluster "génie de l'habitat"

    GENIE DE L'HABITAT acts as a master of Alsatian and French skills for the construction, layout and equipment of new living spaces, private, public and professional. The Habitat Engineering cluster supports industry players in the sector to strengthen their competitiveness, maintain employment and support the attractiveness of the sector and the territory. The cluster connects the actors of the ecosystem to facilitate interconnections and collaborative work.

  • Pôle fibre-énergivie

    Competitiveness cluster labeled by the French State to support collaborative projects with building, materials and energy stakeholders.

Everywhere in France they chose makes it possible to accelerate the final decisions, it is our customers who speak it best.

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Your customers will simply say thank you!

With, boost your real estate programs by offering your future clients an immersive experience.


The real estate revolution !

The new way to visit your future place of life. Before, you were in front of a real estate ad, now you are in it.

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