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If you have any questions about our services, you will find all the answers to your questions in this FAQ.

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Who is GIZMO?

Gizmo is a French start-up that aims to revolutionize the real estate market! For this, we have developed 2 products: Gizmo Immo and Viewwer.

Why want to federate the actors of the housing sector ?

Everyone wants to find information in the simplest and fastest way. Imagine that you can, directly from your home, access your bank, your insurance, contact a notary, find an electrician, etc. All this at the same time and instantly. This is Gizmo’s ambition. No more endless and unsuccessful searches on many different sites, say hello to the habitat of the future! Discover our vision and our Gizmo Lab ‘.

What is the Gizmo Lab?

It is our innovation pole where we develop all our new ideas and concepts to create the Habitat of tomorrow. Our Lab is open, flexible and participatory. Whether you are an individual or a professional, you too can contribute to the future by bringing your ideas. Discover all our thoughts on the Gizmo Lab and do not hesitate to contact us.

How to contact us ?

It’s very simple, just fill out this form. You will be able to fill in your details and we will call you back in the process.

Are you hiring ?

We are regularly looking for new talent to complete our team. Whether you are a commercial or creative, a young graduate or experienced, if you are Gizmo addict and you are a go-getter, we definitely want to meet you. Contact us.

Gizmo Immo, what is it?

Gizmo Immo offers new sales tools for housing professionals through 3D modeling. In particular a unique offer in France which consists in showing ALL the homes sold on plans in virtual reality 3D. Discover the service.

How much does the service cost ?

We have offers tailored to all needs and budgets! Contact us directly to find out more.

Why make virtual tours for all accommodations?

A sample dwelling is often a well-chosen dwelling (by its size, its configuration, its exposure). However, the housing that will be purchased in fine will not be completely identical: other exposure, different floor (and therefore different exterior view), size and clean configuration, etc. Realizing ALL accommodations in virtual tours allows you to visualize YOUR future at home. The approach is personalized and privileged for the buyer, no surprise on arrival! Discover the other benefits Gizmo.

Do you take into account the description of the project?

Yes, completely! All technical elements visible in the accommodations will be respected and modeled by our team in the virtual tours. We will send you a detailed and very simple brief to complete so that you can send us all the necessary information.

Are the decorations imposed?

No decoration is imposed, you will have the choice of the ambiances of all the rooms! We will send you our book Gizmo collection 2018-2019 to facilitate your choices. It contains a large number of creations made by our decorators, in all styles. Love at first sight!

What is the delivery delay ?

We deliver all our orders within a maximum of 3 weeks. If you have an urgent request, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What are your customer references?

We work with promoters from all over France, local and national, as well as abroad. You can see some of our partners directly here.

Do you have examples of your client achievements?

Yes, and they will amaze you! You find many of our achievements in our showroom. You can also follow all our latest achievements via our Instagramp page or on Facebook. You want to see a particular achievement ? Contact us

Am I entitled to multiple change returns?

Regarding the technical elements of the program, we make a first virtual visit that we give you for validation. You will have the opportunity to make all your changes at that time so that everything is in line with your expectations. Regarding the decorations, no return will be necessary since you choose them upstream for all the pieces, it’s time to win!

What are the custom 3D glasses for?

They are the best tool to promote your business to your customers! You will be able to convey your image easily and gain notoriety. Fully customizable, they allow buyers to experience a breathtaking virtual reality experience in their homes, anywhere and anytime. Your clients will become your ambassadors as they share the experience with all their loved ones. Look some examples.

What are your payment terms?

For all projects, we apply a 50% payment on the order and 50% on delivery. If you have specific payment terms internally, you can contact us to discuss them.

Are you present on social networks?

Of course ! You can follow all our news on our Instagram page or our Facebook page. You will find access to all other social networks at the bottom of the page on our website.


Can we meet?

With pleasure ! Don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

What documents do I need to send in order to start the project?

Once the quote is signed, our project manager will contact you to explain all the steps of our process until the delivery of the order. It will also send you a list of all the documents to provide us to start production.

Is the customer service responsive?

Our project manager is fast as lightning! All requests are processed during the day. You can reach him by e-mail or by phone directly.

How are the 3D virtual tours delivered?

Once all the virtual visits are finalized, we deposit them on the Viewwer platform. You will have a dedicated customer area, with the name of your program, and you will be able to freely administer all virtual tours. You can choose to publish them so that they are visible to all, unpublish them if the lots are sold, send them by mail, share them on social networks, etc. You’ll have a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see all contact requests, comments, and statistics, such as the number of views. To see a demo,don’t hesitate to contact us. Ypou want more details about Viewwer ? clic here. You can directly access the Viewer page? clic here.

Viewwer, what is it?

Viewwer is the first mobile app that allows all individuals to create and distribute a virtual tour of a property to sell or rent, only using his smartphone and in less than 2 minutes! With Viewwer, sell, rent or buy dwellings without an intermediary. More details about Viewwer et Go to the plateform

Is the service intended for individuals or professionals?

The service is dedicated to individuals. No need to go through a third party to sell, rent or buy a property, you can now realize your transactions from INDIVIDUAL to PRIVATE with confidence and the best price. Discover all advantages of Viewwer.

Why use Viewwer?

No more constraints and time wasters, no more spending money unnecessarily! Viewwer is a multitude of advantages for the seller, the buyer and the tenant!Profits

Is the service paid?

No, the Viewwer app is free! You will be able to download, create and distribute your virtual visit at no cost! Available from January 2019.

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